Sunday, July 10, 2005

Miss You Dad

It's been 9 years. It's still hard. I still cry when I think about it. You were taken way too early. I'm still bitter as hell at life and the world about that. Tell the Good Lord that I am still angry at his taking you. I'm selfish, I wanted you here. Things in the family have fallen apart since you died. It will never be the same as you were the rock our family was built on. I always told you I loved you, so there aren't unsaid or unfinished things, but here are some thoughts. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for taking off from work early to watch my track meets. Thank you for those monster care packages while I was at college. Thank you for not lecturing me on how stupid it was to buy a car without a job fresh out of college. At least I was smart enough to opt for the 3 month deferred first payment and I did get that job 2 months, 3 weeks later. Oh, and thanks for that 2 week loan for that first payment. Thank you for laughing at my childhood pranks and not blowing a gasket like a lot of dads would. You especially loved my roof jumping experiences and were amazed at how I could elude the police so well on those few occaisions that the talent was called for. I know, we shouldn't have been climbing the school. Thank you for all the football games, baseball games, basketball games, hockey games, soccer games and all other events we went to. I'm sorry you never got to hold your younger grandchildren. You'd be so proud of them. The boy is so much like us. Always kidding, rarely serious, difficult as hell. The girl is cute as can be and is a daddy's girl like your daughter was. She'd charm the heck out of you. Your oldest grandchild from me is going to college. He cried when you went too. He still talks about you. You left a great impression in his life. In the cool news, Michigan finally won a football championship the January after you went. And the Wings followed the next 2 Junes with cups. State even won again in basketball. I'm sorry you missed those. All those years of heartache and all our teams come through after you go. There are so many things I would have liked to talk to you about over the years, so many things I wanted to say. But they all boil down to this. You were my father, and I loved you very much. And I am very proud to be your son and to have called you dad. I miss you.

HWB taken way too early on 7/10/1996